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Roomie – Silly Sally — Scandinavian Designed Children's Products Scandi Kids

Roomie – Silly Sally

Silly Sally

Silly Sally loves the alternative world. Silly Sally can be quite a handful because

of her high cosmic energy level. But don’t worry – she is all about peace, love and harmony…

Bonus info:

Birthday:   Born on a sunny day!

I will be 8651 years next Wednesday – if you include the 125 times I have reincarnated. In my former life I was Leika the space dog, but I have also been Pocahontas and fortuneteller Esmeralda.

I like…   to give advice about cosmic love and teach the use of a pendulum.

I hate…   when somebody starts to snore during group meditation.

I wish…   that more people understood the usefulness of a good solid aura massage.

Can´t live without…   Jelly beans, my shrunken head talisman and my weekly out-of-body experience…

That special someone…   A down to earth superhero

My motto…   Relax – relate – release

Silly Sally is 25 cm tall and comes also as a Mini Roomie bagtag/keyring (15 cm).  Silly Sally is made of 100% cotton with polyester filling.

Currently only in stock as a Mini Roomie bagtag/keyring.

Mini Roomie – Silly Sally

Price: $5.00